Petrarch® Specialties Bio-Conext Material Used in Isolating Strains of Con A and E. Coli

The aldehyde-coated slides were prepared by adding glass slides to a 2 mM of UCT PSX1050 in toluene for 4 hours.  The slides were removed from the solution, rinsed with toluene and dried in nitrogen.  Solutions of lectin were prepared in varying concentrations and dispersed onto the slide surfaces.  Con A and E.Coli samples were applied to the aldehyde-functionalized glass slide and incubated for one hour and  then dried in nitrogen.

The microarray assays were introduced to a solution of glycol FSNPs in HEPES for 2 hours, rinsed and dried.  The slides were scanned with a GenePix 4000B at 532 nm. The fluorescent images were recorded and the data analyzed for each array.

The work reported a 20% to 30% reduction in fluorescence after being UV radiated, when compared to an unradiated standard.

UCT Specialties Petrarch® line offers high purity silanes, catalysts and reactive silicones.  Our products are frequently used by researchers in the life sciences and medical diagnostics fields.

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