Mission Statement

UCT’s mission is to establish and maintain a leadership position in the specialty chemical market for organosilicon products. As a company, we consistently strive to distinguish ourselves from competitors in terms of service, pricing and quality. To accomplish this goal, we continue to invest in the best people, providing them with the finest tools available. Through excellence, UCT is committed to meeting not only the customer’s needs of today but also those of tomorrow.

Company History

Founded in 1986 in Horsham, PA, United Chemical Technologies, Inc. (UCT, Inc.) has grown from a manufacturer of solid phase extraction sorbents into a major competitor in the fields of specialty chemicals, chromatographic media and sample preparation products. UCT began with a novel technological idea for solid phase extraction (SPE): bond two different functional groups to a solid support material in order create phases that are capable of extracting samples based on different chemical principles. The first product was our CLEAN SCREEN® DAU. This product incorporated an ion exchange functionality with a hydrophobic alkyl chain. This product was quickly adopted in analytical labs and is now the most widely used SPE material in the clinical and forensic industry for the clean extraction of biological matrices.

In October 1993, UCT acquired the specialty chemical branch of Huls America (formerly Petrarch®). This expansion into silane manufacturing allowed for greater control of the chemical processes involved in producing our high quality bonded phases.

Today UCT, Inc. operates as two distinct divisions. UCT, LLC manufactures chromatographic and sample prep materials for researchers and analytical laboratories. Along with sample prep sorbents UCT also offers all the reagents and tools needed to perform sample extractions. This includes derivatizing reagents, hydrolyzing enzymes, buffer salts, extraction manifolds and HPLC columns. We have expanded our customer base through the years based on our reproducible high quality products and our unmatched technical support. Our customers range from hospital, clinical and toxicology labs to food safety testing labs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and environmental testing facilities.

UCT Specialties, LLC is the manufacturer of the Petrarch® line of silicon based chemicals. Products in this line include silanes, silicones, and catalysts. Customers choose UCT Specialties to help solve problems in their manufacturing process or to help achieve desired traits in their finished product. Our products can help improve lubricity, hydrophobicity, flexibility, hardness, UV resistance, adhesion, sheen, durability and other desired physical properties. Our customers are researchers and manufacturers in the glass and fiber optic industries, medical device, cosmetics, paints and coatings, adhesives and electronics industries.

Commitment to Quality and Service

As a manufacturer of organosilane chemicals, we are vertically integrated. This allows us unprecedented control of our product quality and allows us to provide exceptional quality at a reasonable price. All of our bonded phases are vigorously tested to ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility and performance. Careful attention to particle size distribution, pore diameters and assembly assures consistent column flow. Chemical reproducibility is guaranteed by strict quality control throughout manufacturing. Both our sorbents and chemicals are thoroughly tested to meet or exceed quality specifications. We believe our product reproducibility is unmatched in the industry.

Aside from a quality product we also focus on setting ourselves apart with superior technical support. The manufacturing, technical support, and sales team at UCT, Inc. mirror the markets we cater to. Our technical and sales people have backgrounds in organic, polymer, and analytical chemistry as well as the life sciences. Many have had industrial or analytical lab experience prior to joining UCT. Our staff is dedicated to your success and is ready to help with any challenging questions you may have and to help you choose the correct product for your needs.

ISO 9001:2015 | UCT is an ISO certified manufacturer.