UCT Specialties platinum catalysts are homogeneous (i.e. soluble in the reaction medium). These catalysts are preferable to heterogeneous catalysts (i. e. insoluble), in that homogeneous catalysts do not depend on irregular surface effects for their activity.

Advantages of Hydrosilylation Cure Systems over Condensation Cure (Tin and Zinc catalyzed) Systems:

• Wider range of curing temperatures: room to > 100°C

• Lower catalyst concentrations (5-30 ppm vs. 100-300 ppm)

• No volatile byproducts

• Smoother reaction profiles

Peroxide Cure Systems

• Lowest cure temperature possible

• No acidic byproducts (e.g., benzoic acid from benzoyl peroxide cure)

• No “frothing” from oxygen byproduct

• No oxidative degradation of cured elastomer

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