Magnetically-Actuated Microposts Stimulate Axon Growth

January 26th, 2022 NewsSpecialties Chemicals News

New research published in the Biophysical Journal introduces a new method utilizing magnetically-actuated microposts as a scaffold for the stimulation of axon regeneration. These non-toxic, magnetic microposts, synthesized using tridecafluorooctyltrichlorosilane (United Chemical Technologies PART # T2492) as a mold release agent, were used as scaffolds for neuron growth and support for application of a magnetic field over an 8 hour time frame. Compared to a control group, this process was shown to stimulate axon regeneration, indicating that in the future, and with further research, this process could be used to help repair nerve damage.

Citation:  Falconieri A, Taparia N, De Vincentiis S, Cappello V, Sniadecki NJ, Raffa V, MAGNETICALLY-ACTUATED MICROPOSTS STIMULATE AXON GROWTH, Biophysical Journal (2022), doi:

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