Petrarch® Silanes from UCT Specialties Used for QuEChERS Products Research Investigation

August 5th, 2015 News

Different sorbents were deposited on dispersive solid-phase extraction silica.  Poly (methyloctadecylsiloxane) (PMODS), poly (methyloctylsiloxane) (PMOS), aminopropyl-terminated poly(dimethylsiloxane) (APPS) and a copolymer of (52 – 48%) dimethyl-(48 – 52%) methylphenyl-siloxane (DMMPS).  The PMODS, PMOS and APPS materials were obtained from UCT Specialties, Bristol, PA.

Commercial sorbent primary-secondary amine (PSA) and mixtures of two sorbents, primary-secondary amine and poly (methyloctadecylsiloxane), were also used in the experiments.

The performance of the sorbents were evaluated by parameters such as color of the final extract, gravimetric measurement, recovery and matrix effect at the fortification level of 100 ng/g of pesticide mixture strawberries.

In this experiment, the PSA sample was the best in achieving optimal results.  The PSA and PMODS also offered good results in the determination of pesticide residues in strawberries.  Further experimentation in this area of mixed sorbents is continuing because of the low matrix effect and excellent recoveries obtained when using this technique.

Petrarch® silanes, manufactured by UCT Specialties are used extensively by manufacturers of chromatographic media.  UCT is at forefront of providing support to researchers in the field of chromatography and silane chemistry.  Contact us for any of your research needs.

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