Top 10 Forensic Compounds/Topics of 2016 – Synthetic Cannabinoid Analysis

December 21st, 2016 Sample Preparation News

The number of products marketed as “legal alternatives to cannabis” or “legal highs” have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. It can be a real challenge for testing labs to keep up with the new, synthetic cannabinoids. Although these compounds are ever-changing, they are derived from “template structures”, which are ideal candidates for clean-up via solid phase extraction (SPE). Having a method that can not only target current metabolites of interest, but also the new ones being synthesized is key in order for laboratories to keep up with the constantly evolving market. Utilizing UCT’s SSHLD® extraction column and corresponding methodology allows for both THC and synthetic cannabinoid levels to be monitored simultaneously, reducing analyst time and instrument time. Check out the method here.

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