Petrarch® Chemicals Tricholosilane used as a release agent in the development of a microfluidic chip

L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that contributes to the function of the central nervous system.  The purpose of performing this study was to develop an effective, inexpensive process that resulted in excellent sensitivities and detection limits for the detection of L- phenylalanine.

Kamruzzaman and his team developed a microchip that was used in a sensitive chemiluminescence reaction that quantified levels of L-phenylalanine.  The microchip was manufactured from PDMS.  UCT silane (tridecafluoro-1, 1, 2, 2-trtrahydrooctyl)-1-trichlorosilane (T2492) was used as a surface treatment for the chip mold in order to allow the easy removal of the molded piece from the mold.  The molded piece was tooled in order to allow the introduction of luminol, H2O2, CuSO4 and L- phenylalanine.  The chemiluminescence data generated with available L- phenylalanine was detected, passed through a photomultiplier tube and recorded on a computer

Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke and Pamisol were examined in these evaluations.  L- phenylalanine concentrations as low 2.4 x 10-10 mol/L could be detected.

UCT is the producer of choice for high purity silanes used in scientific research.  UCT is the manufacturer of Petrarch® Specialty Chemicals.

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