World Health Organization highlights food safety

August 6th, 2015 Sample Preparation News

This year the World Health Organization (WHO) dedicated the World Health Day to highlight the importance of food safety. World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7 to mark the 1948 founding of the WHO.   The theme was, “Food Safety: From Farm to Plate, Keep it Safe” highlighted the importance of keeping food safe throughout the supply chain.

Over 200 diseases are caused by unsafe foods that contain harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemical substances. The WHO estimates that over two million deaths occur each year worldwide from contaminated food or drinking water.

UCT is a major manufacturer of QuEChERS and other sample preparation products that are used for the clean-up and testing of food products for pesticides, antibiotics, and other contaminating chemicals as well as naturally occurring contaminants such as mycotoxins.  We are proud of the critical role our products play in helping to keep food supply chains safe.  Please contact us for any of your sample preparation needs.

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