Visit UCT at the 3rd Annual 2017 Emerald Conference February 2nd-3rd

January 30th, 2017 Food Safety News

UCT is proud to support Emerald Scientific’s 2017 annual conference which is devoted to the deep exploration and discussion of the science of cannabis, including analytical testing, extraction and infusion sciences, cultivation sciences, clinical applications, inter-lab comparison and proficiency testing, state regulations, industry standardization, and more.  Please join us all week at BOOTH 132 to learn more about our latest product offerings including QuEChERS products and well-plates geared towards the analysis of cannabis and edible products, Selectra® HPLC columns, GC liners, Selectra-Sil® Dervatizing Reagents, and Ultra Flash® Flash Chromatography Purification offerings. Also, new this year is UCT’s SpinFiltr, a new spin on QuEChERS dSPE clean up that combines submicron ultra-filtration. This product is geared towards clean-up of a wide range of difficult matrices for the detection of cannabinoids, pesticides, and mycotoxins.

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