Recognizing UCT’s Latest Intern – Stephanie Oddi

Recently Arcadia University’s Forensic Science Program did an Internship Spotlight on Stephanie Oddi, UCT’s 2016-2017 intern. We would like to share her feedback from her experience here below and also thank her for all the valuable time and contributions she has provided to our internal R&D efforts. Best of luck Stephanie as you move forward in the forensic community! We wish you nothing but the best – From Your UCT Mentors!

“I am currently doing an internship in the field of Forensic Toxicology with United Chemical Technologies, Inc. (UCT) in Bristol, PA. In my internship, I work with two Forensic Technical Specialists, Danielle and Tina, doing wet lab work and data analysis. Since the department I internship in has a research and development slant to it, we come up with research projects to test UCT’s products in toxicological situations.  A typical day at UCT could include performing 100 extractions on urine samples to test enzyme recovery, preparing standards and buffers, troubleshooting instruments, or doing library research for one of the new projects we’re working on. I have also been able to add more depth to my own graduate capstone project by evaluating the efficiency of two of UCT’s extraction cartridges (Clean Screen®  DAU and FASt) in extracting synthetic cathinones from alcoholic beverages.Out of all the memorable experiences, I don’t think I can pick just one memorable experience I have had at this internship. Between asking co-workers I barely knew to donate urine to our projects, to working with an automated solid-phase extraction system,  to having my name put on abstracts that UCT submitted to TIAFT/SOFT for 2017, I have had too many to list!

Finally, I wanted to say that the people at UCT are great mentors and they have really helped me grow confidence in the lab and in my own abilities. They’re like my own personal pep squad, and I love it. I will definitely miss it when this semester is over.”

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