UCT Clean Up® Solid Phase Extraction Sorbent cited in Mycotoxin Study

In a recent paper authored by Lia D. Murty et al., published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.8b00963), UCT’s Clean Up® solid phase extraction silica was employed in the study of co-exposure of the mycotoxins Lolitrem B and Ergovaline in steers fed perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) straw. Past research showed a strong linear correlation between levels of the two mycotoxins in ryegrass. Following extraction of the compounds, a LC-MS/MS screening method for biotransformation products of both mycotoxins was utilized. Four groups of steers (n=6/group) were fed endophyte-infected ryegrass for 64 days.

Studying co-exposure of these two mycotoxins in straw by defining their excretion, including metabolic products formed, mirrors real-world feeding regimens for animals consuming endophyte-infected plant material. This could shed light on how the mycotoxins interact (alone or synergistically) to exert toxicity. Furthermore, the data produced is important from a food safety standpoint. It can define metabolic by-products which can be used in future studies to determine if any risk to public health exists from residues in edible portions destined for human consumption.

This study regarding mycotoxins analysis demonstrates that scientists studying these compounds frequently utilize UCT’s Clean Up® extraction cartridges.

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