Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of a Cannabidiol Supplement in Horses

A new study led by researchers at Oklahoma State University focuses on a better understanding of the pharmacokinetics of orally administered cannabidiol in horses. With the growing popularity of cannabidiol products in the equine industry, it becomes necessary to comprehend the efficacy and pharmacology of such drugs. A low and a high dose of CBD concentration were administered and monitored in participating horses over 7 consecutive days each. UCT’s Styre Screen THC (60 mg, 3 mL) SPE column was utilized to prepare the samples by extracting CBD & THC from equine plasma. Rapid absorption of CBD in plasma was observed and both the orally administered doses appeared to have no significant effect. Although the higher dosage showed some promise, additional clinical efficacy experimentations involving greater CBD concentrations and more frequent administration need to be conducted in future.
This research article will soon be published (March 2022) in Volume 110 of the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.
Citation – Williams, M. R., Holbrook, T. C., Maxwell, L., Croft, C. H., Ientile, M. M., & Cliburn, K. (2021). Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of a Cannabidiol Supplement in Horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 103842.

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