Incorporation of Clean Screen FASt® extraction in the study of ZCZ-011 in mouse brain tissue helps minimize and stabilize matrix ion suppression effects

June 8th, 2015 Sample Preparation News

Researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA, USA), University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, U.K.) and the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada) have developed a novel pharmacological tool for the investigation of the cannabinoid receptor in mouse brain tissue using HPLC-MS-MS analysis.  This method is part of an ongoing in vivo study of the ZCZ-011 compound.  ZCZ-11 is a CB1 positive allosteric modulator which may offer potential therapeutic effects.

In preparing the mouse brain tissue for analysis, UCT’s Clean Screen FASt technology was used in order to clean up the tissue samples prior to HPLC-MS-MS analysis.  Using this unique Filter and Shoot technology allowed for increased sensitivity and reproducibility by minimizing sample matrix effects on the mass spectrometer.  Excellent linearity, reproducibility, and limits of quantitation were achieved.

UCT is a leader in the field of sample prep and chromatography consumables.  Our FASt® filter and shoot technology is one example our wide range of products developed for the clinical and forensic lab community.  Contact us for all your extraction and analytical needs.

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