UCT Enviro-Clean 521 Columns Cited in Nitrosoamines Study

June 30th, 2016 Sample Preparation News

UCT Inc., is well-known for its commitment to support in the area of environmental analytical research. In a recent paper published  in Science of The Total Environment by J-H Lee and  J-H Oh ((2016) 556: 330-337), UCT’s  Enviro-Clean 521 cartridges were used to extract nitrosoamines from water samples originating in sewerage water plants. This comprehensive examination of nitrosamines was conducted in a water system, which included sewage treatment plants (STPs), river water, and seawater to understand their characteristic occurrence and fates in whole real water system. The concentrations of nitrosamines were highest in the STP influent (1440–29,100 ng/L), followed by the river water (26.0–5180 ng/L), the STP effluent (9.58–310 ng/L), and seawater (44.2–155 ng/L). The samples were especially affected by proximity to the industrial zone where the samples collected near industrial complex had much higher levels than others with different distribution patterns. In the STPs, nitrosamines were mostly eliminated during biological treatment processes (86.7–95.0%), while they were formed through chlorination processes (− 59.6 to − 27.7%), which is consistent with previous surveys. Among water quality parameters, nitrosamines in waste water were linked with organic carbon and nitrogen levels. This study shows that when world class scientists want to determine the impact of compounds such as nitrosoamines  on the environment, they use the world’s finest sorbents such as UCT’s Enviro-Clean 521. 

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