Selectra® PFPP Column Used in NIDA Paper Examining Cannabinoids in Oral Fluids

August 5th, 2015 Sample Preparation News

In the method the authors used a UCT Selectra® PFPP HPLC column for the analysis.  The unique phase provided the researches with the selectivity they needed with excellent peak shape and run times.  The LOQ’s for all compounds examined were 0.2µg/mL, except for THCCOOH which had an LOQ of 15ng/mL.

All UCT Selectra HPLC columns are manufactured from spherical, rugged, high purity silica gels that are functionalized with UCT’s Petrarch® line of high purity silanes. Each column is QC tested and is shipped with a CoA.  UCT is a leader in the chromatography and sample prep consumables market.

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