UCT’s Putting a New Spin on dSPE!

August 11th, 2016

UCT is excited to launch our new SpinFiltr™ approach to dSPE clean-up!  Our dual chamber approach features built in submicron filtration and allows the user to simply discard the top device containing unwanted matrix and sorbent following centrifugation. Additional sample volume is recovered without worrying about the disruption of centrifugation layers. UCT is taking the hassle out of dSPE. Try a sample today out of our initial 5 available configurations! Get more details by visiting: https://sampleprep.unitedchem.com/media/at_assets/tech_doc_info/SpinFiltr_Flyer_2016_1.pdf or by checking out our recent NACRW poster presentation featuring this product: https://sampleprep.unitedchem.com/media/at_assets/tech_doc_info/NACRW_Poster_2016.pdf