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CSXCE106-DClean Screen Xcel I 130mg 6mL BulkCLEAN SCREEN XCEL I1306500$930.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe08-1301d-6
WSH96XCE11-LDClean Screen Xcel I - 96 Well Plate 130mgCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IFood Safety, Forensic and Clinical, Pharmaceutical & Biotech130961$281.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotech08-13080-96
CSXCE103-DClean Screen Xcel I 130mg 3mL BulkCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IForensic and Clinical1303500$930.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-1306d-3
ZSXCE010Clean Screen Xcel I 130mg 10mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL I1301050$170.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe08-130a1-10
ZSXCE010-DClean Screen Xcel I 130mg 10mL BulkCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IForensic and Clinical13010500$988.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-130a1-10
CSXCE111Clean Screen Xcel I 130mg 1mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IForensic and Clinical1301100$225.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-13083-1
CSXCE103Clean Screen Xcel I 130mg 3mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IForensic and Clinical130350$165.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-1306d-3
CSXCE106Clean Screen Xcel I 130mg 6mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IForensic and Clinical130650$167.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-1301d-6
WSH48XCE11Clean Screen Xcel I 48 Well Plate 130mgCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IForensic and Clinical130481$175.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-130d2-48
WSH96XCE11Clean Screen Xcel I 96 Well Plate 130mgCLEAN SCREEN XCEL I130961$276.00
clean-screen-xcel-i quick-prep spe08-13080-96
WSH96XCE211Clean Screen Xcel II - 96 Well Plate 130mgCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IIForensic and Clinical130961$281.00
clean-screen-xcel-ii quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-13080-96
WSH96XCE208-LDClean Screen Xcel II - 96 Well Plate 80mgCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IIForensic and Clinical80961$287.00
clean-screen-xcel-ii quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical70-8080-96
CSXCE211Clean Screen Xcel II 130mg 1mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IIForensic and Clinical1301100$236.00
clean-screen-xcel-ii quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-13083-1
CSXCE2103Clean Screen Xcel II 130mg 3mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IIForensic and Clinical130350$173.00
clean-screen-xcel-ii quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-1306d-3
CSXCE2106Clean Screen Xcel II 130mg 6mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IIForensic and Clinical130650$175.00
clean-screen-xcel-ii quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-1301d-6
CSXCE2106-DClean Screen Xcel II 130mg 6mL BulkCLEAN SCREEN XCEL IIForensic and Clinical1306500$884.00
clean-screen-xcel-ii quick-prep spe91-forensicandclinical08-1301d-6
ZSXCE2010Clean-Screen® Xcel II 130mg 10mLCLEAN SCREEN XCEL II1301050$179.00
clean-screen-xcel-ii quick-prep spe08-130a1-10