CLEAN SCREEN FASt® cartridges contain a solid phase sorbent bed and small pore frits. Positive pressure is used to quickly and efficiently prepare urine samples for LC/MS analysis. This methodology eliminates time consuming centrifugation, reduces matrix suppression effects and removes particulates greater than 1 µm. Samples can be diluted as low as 1:1 which is useful for detecting analytes at very low concentrations. CLEAN SCREEN FASt® products are available in both columns and well plates

• Eliminate centrifuge and sample transfer steps
• Reduce instrument and LC column maintenance
• Lower costs by decreasing turn-around time

Chemical Phase = Proprietary
Organic Loading = 8.4%
Average Pore Size = 60 Å
Surface Area = 500 m2/g
Pore Volume = 0.77 cm3/g

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Part # Description Size Column Units Price Quantity Purchase
CSFAS203 Clean Screen FASt 200mg 3mL 200 mg 3 mL 50 $98.00
CSFAS203-D Clean Screen FASt 200mg 3mL Bulk 200 mg 3 mL 500 $849.00
ZSFAS020 Clean Screen FASt 200mg 10mL 200 mg 10 mL 50 $103.00
WSH96FAS11-10LD Clean Screen FASt 96 Well Plate 100mg 100 mg 96 Well plate 1 $238.00

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