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  • Glass Block Vacuum Manifold


    Our Glass Block Vacuum Manifold System consists of a rigid Corian® lid which resists warping with extended use. The lid is outfitted with bulkhead luer fittings to allow for sample to elute directly into disposable test tubes. The lid is available with 16 or 24 positions, consisting of two parallel rows and corner leg supports to prevent damage to the luers and tips when the lid is not being used. The vacuum chamber is a glass block designed to allow for visible inspection of the extraction process and ease when cleaning. The block is equipped with a vacuum control valve for optimizing sample flow rate during the extraction process. A vacuum gauge and bleed valve allows for easy monitoring of the vacuum process. Polypropylene racks are provided according to the number of positions on the manifold lid and are highly resistant to chemical degradation and abuse. The test tube racks provided allow the use of 12-13 mm or 16 mm disposable test tubes. These manifold systems are durable and chemically resistant units designed to provide years of trouble-free extractions. A safety tray is now part of the complete manifold system. The tray prevents the glass block from cracking or chipping. Corian®

  • Glass Block Vacuum Manifold System – 16 position


    Vacuum Manifold System – 16 Position System