styre-screen THC


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Styre Screen® sorbents are formulated utilizing an ultra-clean, highly cross-linked styrene and divinylbenzene copolymer. This polymeric sorbent possesses high analyte capacity by effective utilization of lower bed mass requirements than a traditional silica particle. The average particle size is 30 microns.

STYRE SCREEN® THC – Proprietary
Application: Retention of THC and THC metabolites (THC-delta-9, THC-hydroxy metabolite, and THC-carboxy metabolite).


ImagePart NumberDescriptionSizeColumnUnitsPriceBuyhf:categorieshf:att:pa_industryhf:att:pa_sizehf:att:pa_column
styre-screen THC
SSTHC11ZSTYRE SCREEN THC Column 100mg 10mL1001050$271.00
styre-screen-thc polymeric spe23-100a1-10
styre-screen THC
SCTHC11ZSTYRE SCREEN THC Column 100mg 10mL w/ Clean Thru Tips1001050$282.00
styre-screen-thc polymeric spe91-forensicandclinical23-100a1-10
styre-screen THC
SSTHC116STYRE SCREEN THC Column 100mg 6mL100650$262.00
styre-screen-thc polymeric spe91-forensicandclinical23-1001d-6
styre-screen THC
SSTHC031STYRE SCREEN THC Column 30mg 1mL301100$306.00
styre-screen-thc polymeric spe91-forensicandclinical93-3083-1
styre-screen THC
SSTHC06ZSTYRE SCREEN THC Column 60mg 10mL601050$221.00
styre-screen-thc polymeric spe91-forensicandclinicalee-60a1-10
styre-screen THC
SSTHC063STYRE SCREEN THC Column 60mg 3mL60350$221.00
styre-screen-thc polymeric spe91-forensicandclinicalee-606d-3
styre-screen THC
SSTHC066STYRE SCREEN THC Column 60mg 6mL60650$233.00
styre-screen-thc polymeric spe91-forensicandclinicalee-601d-6