Styre Screen SSBCX056-SSHLD063


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Styre Screen® sorbents are formulated utilizing an ultra-clean, highly cross-linked styrene and divinylbenzene copolymer. This polymeric sorbent possesses high analyte capacity by effective utilization of lower bed mass requirements than a traditional silica particle. The average particle size is 30 microns.

STYRE SCREEN® HLD– Proprietary
Highly retentive, cross-linked polymeric sorbent that can effectively retain a range of acids, neutrals (polar and non-polar compounds), and bases.

STYRE SCREEN® HLB– Proprietary
This proprietary chemistry is the product of the polymerization of a lipophilic DVB and a hydrophilic N-vinylpyrrolidone, making it suitable for both polar and apolar analytes. It features a 110A pore size and 40um particle size.

Order STYRE SCREEN HLD & HLB Chemistries

ImagePart NumberDescriptionSizeColumnUnitsPriceBuyhf:categorieshf:att:pa_industryhf:att:pa_sizehf:att:pa_column
SSHLB106STYRE SCREEN HLB Column 100mg 6mL100630$199.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe23-1001d-6
SSHLB206STYRE SCREEN HLB Column 200mg 6mL200630$209.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe21-2001d-6
SSHLB031STYRE SCREEN HLB Column 30mg 1mL301100$199.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe93-3083-1
SSHLB033STYRE SCREEN HLB Column 30mg 3mL30350$149.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe93-306d-3
SSHLB506STYRE SCREEN HLB Column 500mg 6mL500630$229.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe24-5001d-6
SSHLB063STYRE SCREEN HLB Column 60mg 3mL60350$199.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric speee-606d-3
SSHLB066STYRE SCREEN HLB Column 60mg 6mL60630$189.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric speee-601d-6
WSHHLB403STYRE SCREEN HLB - 96 well plate 30mg3096 Well plate1$330.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe93-3096-well-plate
WSHHLB406STYRE SCREEN HLB - 96 well plate 60mg6096 Well plate1$330.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric speee-6096-well-plate
SSHLD116STYRE SCREEN HLD Column 100mg 6mL100 mg630$167.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe100-mg1d-6
SSHLD031STYRE SCREEN HLD Column 30mg 1mL30 mg1100$263.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe30-mg83-1
SSHLD033STYRE SCREEN HLD Column 30mg 3mL30 mg350$156.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe30-mg6d-3
SSHLD036STYRE SCREEN HLD Column 30mg 6mL30 mg630$159.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe30-mg1d-6
SSHLD066STYRE SCREEN HLD Column 60mg 6mL60 mg630$161.00
styre-screen-hld polymeric spe60-mg1d-6