Styre Screen DVB


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Styre Screen® sorbents are formulated utilizing an ultra-clean, highly cross-linked styrene and divinylbenzene copolymer. This polymeric sorbent possesses high analyte capacity by effective utilization of lower bed mass requirements than a traditional silica particle. The average particle size is 30 microns.

STYRE SCREEN® DVB – Polystyrene Divinylbenzene
Application: Retention of neutral and aromatic compounds, useful for screening applications where a broad range of analytes is to be extracted.


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Styre Screen DVB
WSH48DVB406STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene - 48 well plate 60mg60481$259.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotechee-60d2-48
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB11ZSTYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 100mg 10mL1001050$255.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotech23-100a1-10
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB111STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 100mg 1mL1001100$317.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotech23-10083-1
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB0X1STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 10mg 1mL101100$233.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotecha1-1083-1
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB206STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 200mg 6mL200630$192.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotech21-2001d-6
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB031STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 30mg 1mL301100$251.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe91-forensicandclinical93-3083-1
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB033STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 30mg 3mL30350$170.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe91-forensicandclinical93-306d-3
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB506STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 500mg 6mL500630$305.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotech24-5001d-6
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB056STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 50mg 6mL50650$184.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe91-forensicandclinicalc5-501d-6
Styre Screen DVB
SSDVB063STYRE SCREEN DVB - Polystyrene Divinylbenzene 60mg 3mL60350$170.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotechee-606d-3
Styre Screen DVB
WSHDVB403Styre Screen DVB 96 Well Plate 30mg30961$276.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotech93-3080-96
Styre Screen DVB
WSHDVB405STYRE SCREEN DVB 96 Well Plate 50mg50961$287.00
styre-screen-dvb polymeric spe71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotechc5-5080-96
Styre Screen DVB
WSHDVB406Styre Screen DVB 96 Well Plate 60mg60961$306.00
styre-screen-dvb well-plates polymeric spe accessories71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotechee-6080-96