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UCT’s QuICK QuEChERS push-thru cartridges eliminate the need for shaking and centrifugation of extracts during sample clean-up, significantly reducing sample processing time. In addition, unlike with dSPE centrifuge tubes, there is no risk of sorbent particles being further transferred to autosampler vials.

After QuEChERS sample extraction:
1. Draw 1mL of sample extract into a disposable syringe
2. Push the extract through the cartridge into an autosampler vial
3. Sample is ready for analysis


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ECPURMPSLCQuick QuEChERS - Large Cartridge - MgSO4 110mg + PSA 600mg$533.00
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ECPURMPSMCQuick QuEChERS - Medium Cartridge - MgSO4 110mg + PSA 190mg$430.00