SPeVAP®Multi-Function Solvent Evaporator

SPeVAP® 32/48 position solvent evaporator is a welcome addition to UCT’s long-standing manifold arsenal. Featuring the same reliability and performance associated with our pneumatic extractors, it is designed to be more efficient and take up less space than a traditional evaporator. SPeVAP® has an exhaust port so it does not require fume hood space to operate. The sleek design and touchscreen capabilities allow for easier use and expanded functionality. SPeVAP® possesses a smaller footprint than traditional evaporators, in addition to its self-exhaust allowing for operation outside of fume hood encapsulation. In addition, the extended programming provides for gradual increase of flow gradients in tube as evaporation occurs, ensuring targeted completion. Other features include standard corrosive resistance, an on-spot PTFE nozzle adjustment and/or replacement, an easily accessible drainage port, and a color-coded view window corresponding with the individualized stage of operation.