HydraFlow Manifold

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HydraFlow® is the latest addition to the UCT’s family of SPE manifolds geared towards efficient sample processing.  Its unique design provides enhanced precision and streamlined sample extractions for large volume water analysis. While the assembly is simple, the compact footprint is perfect for fume hood set-up and the overall weight of only 12 Kgs makes it easy to relocate the unit in the lab. HydraFlow® is equipped with 4 independent channels that allow the user to process the samples separately or simultaneously without the risk of cross-contamination during extraction. PEEK, PTFE, and stainless steel in the sample flow pathways ensure minimal to no corrosion from exposure to organic solvents like dichloromethane and acids.

The distinctive feature of diverting the organic solvents and the aqueous solvents in separate collection bottles contributes to an effective waste management system and long-term cost savings. The waste and eluent collection channel switching valve adds convenience to the overall user experience.

As compared to traditional manifolds, HydraFlow® eliminates the need to turn off the vacuum pump, drain the waste liquid out and place the collection vials in the chamber. The precision control valves are another excellent feature used to achieve desired flow rates of waste and elution solvents.

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HydraFlow® 4 Channel Cartridge Manifold
HYDFLW01HydraFlow® 4 Channel Cartridge Manifold1hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
1 L wide-mouth organic  waste collection bottle
HYDFLWB1 L wide-mouth organic waste collection bottle1$140.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
1 L wide-mouth organic waste collection bottle adaptor
HYDFLBADP1 L wide-mouth organic waste collection bottle adaptor1$168.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
1/8 connector union
HYDFLCON-81/8 connector union1$60.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
3/8” barb fitting
HYDFLBFIT3/8” barb fitting1$40.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
4.5 meter 1/8” PTFE  tube
HYDFLTUBE-84.5 meter 1/8” PTFE tube1$216.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
4.5 meters White rubber tube
HYDFLTUBE-WH4.5 meters White rubber tube1$50.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
40 mL Collection vials
HYDFLCV40 mL Collection vials1$20.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
Connector for collection vials
HYDFLCV-CONConnector for collection vials1$250.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
Flange connector and gasket
HYDFLEXTNRFlange connector and gasket1$12.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
Joint locking tool
HYDFLTOOLJoint locking tool1$32.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators
T connector
HYDFLCON-TT connector1$120.00
hydraflow manifolds-evaporators