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Select pH Buffer Pouches

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To help simplify the process of sample preparation, UCT has developed a line of ‘ready-to-use’ phosphate and acetate buffer pouches. The UCT buffer pouches are a convenient way of accurately preparing the necessary reagents, at the proper pH and concentration, for solid-phase extraction methods. These pre-measured pouches eliminate time and more importantly, any potential error in the buffer preparation, ensuring the highest efficiency in the extraction method. As with all UCT products, these buffer pouches are prepared with the same high-quality standards used in the manufacture of the entire line of SPE products.

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SPHACE5010-10Select pH Buffer pouch: 1.0 M Acetate buffer - pH 5.010$109.00
select-ph-buffer-pouches derivatizingreagents-betaglucuronidase
SPHACE4501-10Select pH Buffer Pouch: 100 mM Acetate buffer - pH 4.510$91.00
select-ph-buffer-pouches derivatizingreagents-betaglucuronidase
SPHPHO6001-10Select pH Buffer Pouch: 100 mM Phosphate buffer - pH 6.010$105.00
select-ph-buffer-pouches derivatizingreagents-betaglucuronidase
SPHPHO7001-10Select pH Buffer Pouch: 100 mM Phosphate buffer - pH 7.010$105.00
select-ph-buffer-pouches derivatizingreagents-betaglucuronidase
SPHACE5001-10Select pH Buffer Pouch: 100mM Acetate buffer - pH 5.010$91.00
select-ph-buffer-pouches derivatizingreagents-betaglucuronidase