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Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

UCT, LLC is a leading manufacturer of sample preparation and chromatography materials. Our products can be found in forensic, clinical, environmental, and food testing labs, as well as in many hospitals and universities. Click on this section to learn more about our solid phase extraction products, QuEChERS kits, HPLC/UPLC columns, bulk sorbents, reagents, extraction manifolds, and accessories. U.S. domestic and international ordering is also available for most products.
Sample Preparation
Chemical Specialties

Chemical Specialties

The Petrarch line of specialty chemicals has a highly respected manufacturer of high purity silanes, silicones, and catalysts for decades. For the over the past 20 years this product line has been a part of UCT Specialties portfolio. Our products are used in the manufacturing of diverse items from medical devices and circuit boards to paints, adhesives, fiber optic cable, and bakeware. Enter this section of the site to explore the wide range of silanes, reactive silicones, and platinum catalysts we offer. Once you find something of interest you can fill out an online request form, it's that easy.
Chemical Specialties
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Trade Shows
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Commitment <strong>to Quality</strong>
Commitment to Quality
As the premier manufacturer of organosilane chemicals, we are vertically integrated to control both quality and cost. All of our bonded phases are vigorously tested to ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility and performance. Careful attention to particle size distribution, pore diameters and assembly assures consistent column flow. Chemical reproducibility is guaranteed by strict quality control throughout manufacturing. Both our sorbents and chemicals are thoroughly tested to meet or exceed quality specifications. We believe our product reproducibility is unmatched in the industry


UCT SPE Cartridges cited in Equine Toxicology Study

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

In the fields of both human and animal toxicology, UCT Inc., is world renowned for its manufacture of the finest SPE sorbents. This is most eloquently demonstrated in an article published in Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics ((2016) 39, 469–477) by H.K. Knych et al., (UCSF, Davis) detailing the pharmacokinetics of methocarbamol and phenylbutazone in exercised thoroughbred horses. Methocarbamol (MCBL) commonly used in performance horses for the treatment of skeletal muscle and  phenylbutazone (PBZ), another commonly used drug in performance horses, were both extracted and analyzed using UCT’s flagship sorbent Clean Screen®DAU (CSDAU 130 mg/3 mL). This paper shows that when researchers working in the area of equine toxicology need the finest SPE sorbents for their extractions, they routinely turn to UCT as their first choice.

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