Styre Screen® sorbents are formulated utilizing an ultra-clean, highly cross-linked styrene and divinylbenzene copolymer. This polymeric sorbent possesses high analyte capacity by effective utilization of lower bed mass requirements than a traditional silica particle. Average particle size is 30 microns.

STYRE SCREEN® HLD– Proprietary
Highly retentive, cross-linked polymeric sorbent that can effectively retain a range of acids, neutrals (polar and non-polar compounds), and bases.

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Part #DescriptionSizeColumnUnitsPriceQuantityPurchase
SSHLD063 STYRE SCREEN HLD Column 60mg 3mL 60 mg 3 mL 50 $151.00
WSSHLD403 STYRE SCREEN HLD – 96 well plate 30mg 30 mg 96 Well plate 1 $263.00