QuEChERS Method Development Kit

UCT’s convenient QuEChERS kit is an ideal tool to systematically simplify your overall method development process. The featured blends were carefully selected to include key chemistries suitable for evaluation in a variety of matrices. Through exploiting different mechanisms of interaction, labs will be able to maximize selectivity and improve recoveries for respective analytes of interest. Stop purchasing full packs of product without the assurity behind their performance. Trial our QuEChERS method development kit today!


Extraction Salts Offered

10 x Original, Non-buffered QuEChERS: 4g MgSO4/1g NaCl, 50mL CT

10 x AOAC: 6g MgSO4/1.5g NaOAc, 50mL CT

10 x European: 4g MgSO4/1g NaCl/500mg Na2Cit/1g Na3Cit, 50mL CT

dSPE Sorbent Variety Offered

20 x CUMPS2CT – QuEChERS 150mg MgSO4/50mg PSA, 2mL CT

20 x CUMC182CT – QuEChERS 150mg MgSO4/50mg C18, 2mL CT

20 x CUMPSC18CT – QuEChERS 150mg MgSO4/50mg PSA/50mg C18, 2mL CT

20 x CUMPSGGC182CT – QuEChERS 150mgMgSO4/50mgPSA/50mgChloroFiltr/50mg C18, 2mL CT

20 x CUMPSC1875CB2CT – QuEChERS 150mg MgS04/50mg PSA/50mg C18/7.5mg GCB, 2mL CT


dSPE Sorbent Chemistry Overview

MgSO4 – Present in all blends and aids in removing residual water.

PSA – “Primary/Secondary Amine” scavenges organic acids and sugars, typical matrix component in fruits and vegetables. The amount of this sorbent included in a respective blend is critical as it can contribute to lower recovery for acidic analytes of interest.

C18 – scavenges residual proteins and lipids. The amount provided in kits is a good starting point for proof of concept but may need further adjustment based on matrix type.

GCB – “graphitized carbon black”, removes pigments (notably chlorophyll and carotenoids). While targeting pigment removal, GCB also can lower recovery for planar pesticides so caution must be used when optimizing this sorbent type.

ChloroFiltr®-    A novel polymeric based sorbent designed for the removal of chlorophyll from acetonitrile extracts. Traditional QuEChERS cleanup approaches use graphitized carbon black (GCB) to remove pigments, including chlorophyll, from sample extracts. Although GCB is effective in removing chlorophyll it can also retain planer analytes, resulting in low recovery. UCT has developed a proprietary polymeric sorbent that selectively removes chlorophyll without sacrificing the recovery of planar analytes.

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