Abalonase Ultra Purified β-Glucuronidase

Avoid overloading your sample with costly enzyme formulations by utilizing UCT’s all-new, highly concentrated Abalonase™Ultra. With activity levels at an upwards of 150,000 units/mL, this purified, 3x concentrated Beta-glucuronidase formula can be used to quickly hydrolyze conjugated drug metabolites in human samples within minutes.

Available in clear liquid form only
Liquid Enzyme Activity ≥150,000 units/mL
Sulfatase Activity: None
Storage: +4°C to +8°C

Rapid Hydrolysis Buffer is included in every order of Abalonase™Ultra. Through use of the provided buffer, Beta-glucuronidase formulas will achieve their maximum performance. In addition, it will significantly reduce overall sample preparation times.

* All enzyme products will ship priority overnight on ice regardless of the chosen shipping option upon check out. This maximizes stability of the reagent.

For international ordering, contact your International Distributor.

For sample requests, please contact your Regional Sales Representative

Part # Description Size Units Price Quantity Purchase
UASBETA-GLUC-10 Abalonase Ultra (10mL) 10 mL 1 $330.00
UASBETA-GLUC-25 Abalonase Ultra (25mL) 25 mL 1 $505.00
UASBETA-GLUC-50 Abalonase Ultra (50mL) 50 mL 1 $773.00
UASBETA-GLUC-100 Abalonase Ultra (100mL) 100 mL 1 $1,675.00


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