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CLEAN-UP Pharma-Sil

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Hydrophilic extraction sorbents are composed of a silica backbone bonded with carbon chains containing polar functional groups. They are used to extract compounds that exhibit polar bonding mechanisms such as hydrogen bonding, pi-pi, or dipole-dipole interactions. Compounds typically extracted on a hydrophilic column include analytes that have polar groups, such as amines, hydroxyls, and carbonyls. UCT offers a range of hydrophilic sorbents that can be utilized to optimize a variety of separations.


Average Pore Size = 60Å
Surface Area = 500 m2/g
Pore Volume = 0.82 cm3/g

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PHSIL1M6Clean-Up Pharma-Sil High Surface Activity Silica 1000mg 6mLCLEAN-UP Pharma-SilForensic and Clinical1000630$107.00
clean-up-pharma-sil clean-up-hydrophilic silica spe91-forensicandclinicalb4-10001d-6
CLEAN-UP Pharma-Sil-0
PHSIL111Clean-Up Pharma-Sil High Surface Activity Silica 100mg 1mLCLEAN-UP Pharma-SilEnvironmental, Food Safety, Forensic and Clinical, Pharmaceutical & Biotech1001100$192.00
clean-up-pharma-sil clean-up-hydrophilic silica spe0c-environmental 71-foodsafety 91-forensicandclinical 9d-pharmaceuticalbiotech23-10083-1
CLEAN-UP Pharma-Sil-0
PHSIL12M15Clean-Up Pharma-Sil High Surface Activity Silica 2000mg 15mLCLEAN-UP Pharma-SilForensic and Clinical20001520$111.00
clean-up-pharma-sil clean-up-hydrophilic silica spe91-forensicandclinicala6-2000d1-15
CLEAN-UP Pharma-Sil-0
PHSIL123Clean-Up Pharma-Sil High Surface Activity Silica 200mg 3mLCLEAN-UP Pharma-SilForensic and Clinical200350$109.00
clean-up-pharma-sil clean-up-hydrophilic silica spe91-forensicandclinical21-2006d-3
CLEAN-UP Pharma-Sil-0
PHSIL15M25Clean-Up Pharma-Sil High Surface Activity Silica 5000mg 25mLCLEAN-UP Pharma-SilForensic and Clinical50002520$135.00
clean-up-pharma-sil clean-up-hydrophilic silica spe91-forensicandclinical3b-5000fa-25
CLEAN-UP Pharma-Sil-0
PHSIL156Clean-Up Pharma-Sil High Surface Activity Silica 500mg 6mLCLEAN-UP Pharma-SilForensic and Clinical500650$124.00
clean-up-pharma-sil clean-up-hydrophilic silica spe91-forensicandclinical24-5001d-6
CLEAN-UP Pharma-Sil-0
PHSIL1L1Clean-Up Pharma-Sil High Surface Activity Silica 50mg 1mLCLEAN-UP Pharma-SilForensic and Clinical501100$185.00
clean-up-pharma-sil clean-up-hydrophilic silica spe91-forensicandclinicalc5-5083-1