In any clinical setting, one of the core tests performed is chemical analysis of a bodily fluids, whether it be on blood, urine, or an alternative matrix. The goal of such analyses is to determine if the target analyte is present, and if so, is at or above clinically relevant levels. The same products utilized in UCT’s Clean Screen and Clean-Up® lines in forensic measurements can achieve the goals of any clinical assay to include steroid, hormone, and vitamin analysis. Employ one of our custom enzymes products while using our SPeDRY® Evaporator/Concentrator Unit to target analytes at levels needed for adequate detection and accuracy. Finish your analysis using one of core phases offered in our Selectra® line of analytical columns.

Technical Documents

Title Document Type Date Added Download
Industry Icon Determination of Anabolic Steroids in Horse Urine by SPE and LC-MS/MS
Application Notes & Papers  05.10.2016
Industry Icon Thyroid Hormones in Serum and Plasma Using SPE Extraction and UHPLC-MS/MS Analysis
Application Notes & Papers  06.26.2017
Industry Icon Comparison of SPE vs. SLE for the Quantitative Analysis of Anabolic Steroids in Serum Using LC-MS/MS
Application Notes & Papers  05.20.2016
Industry Icon Simultaneous Quantitative Analysis of Total Catecholamines and Metanephrines in Urine Using 500 MG CLEAN UP® CCX2 and LC-MS/MS
Application Notes & Papers  05.10.2016
Industry Icon Determination of Ephedra Alkaloids & Synephrine by Strong Cation‐Exchange SPE and LC‐MS/MS Detection Using a Pentafluorophenylpropyl HPLC Column
Application Notes & Papers  06.07.2017