Of importance in the ever-growing Cannabis industry is not just the measurement of THC, CBD, and other Cannabinoids regarding potency testing, but also harmful entities such as pesticides and mycotoxins. A complete characterization of cannabis, edibles, and oils, therefore, requires a broad array of supplies, all which UCT provides, including various QuEChERS blends developed with these matrices in mind, in addition to other products such as SpinFiltr®, LipiFiltr® and Selectra® U/HPLC columns. If you are at a loss as to where to start your testing, consult one of our many application notes on Cannabis analyses for further direction.

Technical Documents

Title Document Type Date Added Download
Industry Icon Rugged Isocratic LC-UV Method for the Analysis of 16 Cannabinoids in Hemp and Cannabis Samples
Application Notes & Papers  01.30.2020
Industry Icon Analysis of Pesticide Residues, Mycotoxins & Potency in Cannabis Plant using QuEChERS Extraction, ChloroFiltr® dSPE Cleanup and LC-MS/MS Detection
Application Notes & Papers  01.02.2018
Industry Icon Optimization of Sample Preparation for Pesticide Analysis in Oil-Based Cannabis Products using LipiFiltr®
Application Notes & Papers  10.18.2018
Industry Icon Removal of Purple Pigmentation from Cannabis using QuEChERS Extraction, ChloroFiltr® dSPE Clean-up and LC-MS/MS
Application Notes & Papers  02.09.2018
Industry Icon Analysis of 47 Pesticides in Cannabis for High-Throughput Analysis: Traditional dSPE vs. Positive Pressure dSPE in a 96 Well Plate
Application Notes & Papers  06.26.2017