US Regional Representatives

Excellent sales and customer service are hallmarks of UCT’s support of its customers.  UCT has regional sales representatives to quickly respond to your inquiries.  Click on the buttons below to locate your local representative.


Jacque Riddick

Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, Caribbean Islands, South Africa, Asia, Australia, & New Zealand regions

Representative Information

215-781-9255 ext. 135

Hocine Omari

Europe, North Africa, Middle East, & India

Representative Information

215-781-9255 ext. 145

Adrian Redmond


Representative Information

+353 53 919 8993


Explore UCT's Ultra Flash® and Metal Scavenging Lines!

Friday, November 03rd, 2017

Ultra Flash® I: Standard Ultra-Pure Silica Line

Ultra Flash®II: Spherical High Pressure Silica Line 

Ultra Flash® III: iLOK® Pre-packed Standard Ultra-Pure Silica Line 


• 100% guaranteed leak-free 
• Clean, pre-packed, pharmaceutical-grade polypropylene cartridges 
• Made with ultra-pure normal phase silica gel 
• Easy purification with disposable columns provided in an extensive range...
• 100% compatibility with other instruments: 
   ◘ Teledyne Isco (CombiFlash® : Rf, Companion®, RETRIEVE®, OptiX®
   ◘ Biotage (IsoleraTM, SP, Flash, FlashMaster II) 
   ◘ Analogix (Varian) (IntelliFlash 310 and 280, SimpliFlash, F12/40) 
   ◘ Interchim (PuriFlashTM 430evo) 
   ◘ Grace (Reveleris® System) 
   ◘ Armen (Spot Flash System) 
   ◘ Yamazen (Smart Flash EPCLC W-Prep 2XY) 
   ◘ BUCHI (Sepacore®)