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UCT Silane Cited in Plasmon Research Study

Ultrasensitive and selective detection and quantification of dopamine (DA) plays a key role in monitoring neurodegenerative diseases and the detection limit reported is typically in the lower nanomolar range. Pushing the detection limit to picomolar (pM) or lower for this particular target to cover the physiological levels (< 130 pM) is significant. In the following article, DA DNA aptamer (DAAPT) gold nanoparticle (AuNP) conjugate is utilized to enhance the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) signal, which enables to detect and quantify DA in the femtomolar (200 fM) to pM range.

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XtrackT® Cited in New Psychoactive Substances Article

In a recent paper published in Drug Testing and Analysis, UCT’s Xtract® solid phase extraction sorbent was used to extract a diverse range of new psychoactive substances (NPS) from samples of waste water. Temporal trends were found in wastewater with distinct tendencies for synthetic cathinones visible over the period studied.

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UCT Flagship Sorbent Clean Screen® DAU cited in Cardiac Study

In a recent study by Guillermo Alberto Keller et al., published in Journal of Opioid Management , UCT’s Clean Screen® DAU was used to extract Propoxyphene (DPX)  and norpropoxyphene (NPX) from human plasma and analyzed by GC-MS. Plasma samples (500 µl) were treated with a strong alkali hydroxide to form NPX amide and extracted using CSDAU203. The recovery of the procedure was higher than 81%.  

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