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UCT Clean Screen® FASt (Filter & Shoot) Cartridge Cited in New Drug (Tianeptine) Case Study

UCT in recognized around the world not only for manufacturing the finest solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbents, but also providing scientific support for clinical and forensic toxicology accounts worldwide. UCT’s FASt (Filter & Shoot) sorbent has recently been utilized in the analysis of the novel pharmaceutical tianeptine in forensic toxicological urine samples by S.K Dempsey et al., in Journal of Analytical Toxicology (doi: 10.1093/jat/bkx034) .

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UCT Silane Cited in Novel Separations Article

UCT is world renowned as the premier manufacturer of the finest specialty chemicals including silanes and siloxanes. Researchers in the field of separation science looking to advance the boundaries require the finest of materials for their studies. In a recent paper authored by Patrizia Simone et al., (Journal of Chromatography A ((2017) 1498, 46-55) a UCT silane (N-trimethoxysilylpropyl)-polyethylenimine was utilized as an important reagent in the production of a monolith for separations of small molecules and intact proteins.

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UCT's ChloroFiltr® cited in Agrochemical Paper

UCT is recognized around the world as the first company to commercialize the use of the QuEChERS technique for use in pesticide and herbicide analysis. While supplying a large diversity of commonly available clean-up sorbents, UCT is sole supplier of ChloroFiltr®, a novel polymeric based sorbent designed for the removal of chlorophyll from acetonitrile extracts without compromising on the recovery of planer pesticides.

In a recent paper published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters by E.M.Peterson et al., (DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.7b00123), ChloroFiltr®  is put to use for the analysis of neonicotinoids on wildflowers close in proximity to cattle feed yards. 

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