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Explore UCT's Ultra Flash® and Metal Scavenging Lines!

Ultra Flash® I: Standard Ultra-Pure Silica Line

Ultra Flash®II: Spherical High Pressure Silica Line 

Ultra Flash® III: iLOK® Pre-packed Standard Ultra-Pure Silica Line 


• 100% guaranteed leak-free 
• Clean, pre-packed, pharmaceutical-grade polypropylene cartridges 
• Made with ultra-pure normal phase silica gel 
• Easy purification with disposable columns provided in an extensive range...
• 100% compatibility with other instruments: 
   ◘ Teledyne Isco (CombiFlash® : Rf, Companion®, RETRIEVE®, OptiX®
   ◘ Biotage (IsoleraTM, SP, Flash, FlashMaster II) 
   ◘ Analogix (Varian) (IntelliFlash 310 and 280, SimpliFlash, F12/40) 
   ◘ Interchim (PuriFlashTM 430evo) 
   ◘ Grace (Reveleris® System) 
   ◘ Armen (Spot Flash System) 
   ◘ Yamazen (Smart Flash EPCLC W-Prep 2XY) 
   ◘ BUCHI (Sepacore®)

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Join UCT for an upcoming Separation Science Forensics & Toxicology e-Seminar November 28 & 30th, 2017!

Separation Science has developed its fourth online eSeminar focusing on advances in forensics and toxicology. Taking place in two sessions, one each on 28 and 30 November 2017, this two-day online educational event will provide forensic scientists, toxicologists and those who work in laboratories within the forensic and toxicology industries with updates and guidance on the latest methods, protocols, processes and applications of chromatography, mass spectrometry and related techniques with key experts providing practical insights into their respective fields.

Our very own Forensic Technical Specialist, Tina Fanning, will be presenting in conjunction with an extensive panel of additional key experts in the field. The e-Seminar will comprise 7 presentations over 2 sessions featuring UCT's platform topic, "A Modified QuEChERS Approach for the Extraction of Common Prescription and Illicit Drugs from Liver Prior to LC/MS-MS Analysis." Click below to register for this exciting and informative event:

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UCT Clean Screen FASt® cited in Forensic Toxicology Study

Of the challenges facing forensic toxicologists working in the post mortem field, the analysis of decomposed or skeletal remains for the presence and concentrations of drug compounds may be the most difficult. The use of bone as a matrix for toxicological analysis has been investigated extensively since 2000. These studies, involving both human and animal remains, have shown a wide variability in detected drug and metabolite levels across different bone types. Interpretation of toxicological measurements in bone is also complicated by the inability to properly determine analyte recovery from bone tissue. In a recent study published in Drug Testing and Analysis by H. M. Cornthwaite et al., (doi: 10.1002/dta.2327), UCT’s world famous Clean Screen FASt® solid phase extraction sorbent in 96 well plate format (100 mg bed mass) was employed to extract tramadol (TRAM), dextromethorphan (DXM) and their respective metabolites from skeletal remains. 

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