An Electrochemiluminescence Biosensor for Detection of CdkN2A/p16 Anti-oncogene Based on Functional Electrospun Nanofibers and Core-shell Luminescent Composite Nanoparticles

In the pursuit of cancer research and clinical applications, one of the most important factors is the recognition and quantitation of the CdkN2A/p16 anti-oncogene, AKA the multiple tumor suppressor 1 gene (MTS1). This gene is associated with metastatic spread of tumor cells, which, in general terms, the higher the quantified amount of this gene, the worse the prognosis is. Tests for this gene have been faced with numerous complications including laborious, low sensitivity, high cost, and only having semi-quantitative results, to name a few. Researchers, including a group at the Key Laboratory of Environmental Medicine and Engineering in Southeast University (Nanjing, China), have turned their attention to Biosensing technologies, which have high sensitivity, are cost efficient, and can be used to quantify the MTS1 gene. Turning to electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection, which offers greater versatility and a more simplified setup, this team developed a biosensor device using electrospun nanofibers combined with core-shell luminescent composite nanoparticles to provide an enhanced sensitivity for quantification. This biosensor is made using U Tetraethoxysilane (T1807/T1808) to deposit silica nanoparticles onto an electrode, and Trimethoxysilylpropyldiethylenetriamine (T2910) to functionalize the electrode with first glutaraldehyde, then single-stranded DNA which is finally coupled to the luminescent core-shell nanoparticles. This biosensor exhibited good biocompatibility, along with high detection sensitivity with a wide linear range and good stability, comparable or even better than the detection using other assays. This ECL biosensor is a promising tool for detecting biomolecules at trace levels and will continue to be improved upon for future applications.


Citation: Wang, X.;Wang, Y.; Shan, Y.; Jiang, M.; Gong, M.; Jin, X.; Wang, X.; Cheng, J., An  electrochemiluminescence biosensor for detection of CdkN2A/p16 anti-oncogene based on functional electrospun nanofibers and core-shell luminescent composite nanoparticles, Talenta, 2018, 187, 179-187.

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